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What would an ORM company in Mumbai do if a brand gets bashed on the internet?

By prathik audie @pratikaudie
    2021-04-20 11:04:59.377Z

    Digital marketing involves the publication of quality content on all possible digital media at the same time. If a brand decides to share a piece of information with its customers, it must publish it on the website, the blog, and all its social media platforms at the same time. Even if a single channel is missed, the brand might miss out on a proportion of its customer pool. This strategy of multi-channel promotion makes the digital marketing team of the brand face a big challenge. The challenge is of monitoring all the channels with equal fervour.

    It should be understandable to every person with even a little idea of marketing that monitoring brand communication holds utmost importance. Otherwise, the brand would fail to understand the public reaction to that information and eventually might take wrong business decisions. This task of monitoring multiple channels at the same time is not at all easy. It is why reputed brands always hire the service of any ORM company in Mumbai. The job of an ORM agency is to look after the reaction of the audience of every brand communication and maintain a positive outlook. There are a few tactics the ORM agencies apply to do this task.

    The most common of all such tactics is probably the rapid reply mechanism. Social media can be termed as the most significant of all digital media channels for brand marketing today. It is because social media provides brands the opportunity to interact with their customers in real-time. However, social media is also full of trolls and people who are disappointed with the brand. There is a high chance that they can comment negatively and put forward a negative image of the brand. Hundreds of positive comments might go unnoticed, but even a single negative comment can make other customers wary of the brand.

    It is where the role of an ORM agency in Mumbai comes into the picture. The ORM team must reply to the negative comments without wasting any time. Even if the solution cannot be provided immediately, a few words of assurance that their grievance is being looked into can prove to be highly beneficial for the brand.

    Another tactic is counter-content creation. It refers to the non-organic content creation by a dedicated team of an ORM agency in Mumbai who bombard the digital platforms with hash-tagged positive messages so that negative messages get buried under tons of content. This tactic is usually employed for brands with massive customer bases, as the volume of negative comments would be high in their case. In this way, ORM agencies look after the reputation of a brand online.

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