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How do the top marketing agencies in Mumbai grow an online brand?

By prathik audie @pratikaudie
    2021-03-10 12:00:50.722Z

    The marketing strategy of an online brand cannot be similar to that of its physical presence. Customers perceive an online brand and its physical presence quite differently. This is why developing a strong digital marketing strategy should be assigned to an established marketing agency or media firm. The professional marketing agencies and media firms have the required skills and knowledge to prepare a marketing strategy exclusively to promote online brands. In the last few years, media firms have been indulging in several innovative activities to market online brands. They have been quite successful in reaching their goals. A few of the activities that have helped them do so are as follows:

    1. Creating a strong brand persona
      Since an online brand has a presence on the internet, a strong brand persona must be created. It will be present in every communication of the brand. The brand persona must represent the brand in a comprehensive as well as creative way. Moreover, the persona should be interesting enough to resonate with a regular customer. It should not be too simple to be passed as mundane and should not be too complex to intimidate a customer. A lot of research should go into the creation of a brand persona.

    2. Maintaining regular social media presence
      All media firms in Mumbai offer the service of social media marketing to online brands. However, the ideal strategy for social media marketing is to publish content regularly. Too much social media content bombarding might bore a customer, and too little of it might make the brand irrelevant. So, the media firms in Mumbai must take a middle path and try to publish relevant content regularly. Also, they should focus on creating a dialogue with the customers through their publications. The more interactive communication with customers, the more the popularity of an online brand.

    3. Launching a referral program
      It is a tactic undertaken by top marketing agencies in Mumbai, which has shown exemplary results. The benefits of launching a referral program is two-fold. First, it helps in increasing the number of customers for the brand. Secondly, it provides the existing customers a feeling of involvement with the brand. A referral program silently transforms a customer into an agent for promotion, and the involvement of rewards helps the customer turn loyal to the brand. It is a win-win tactic that has proven to be highly beneficial for online brands in the past few years.

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